If you are aware of any bars showing UFC events without proper authorization, you can make an anonymous report through this form or by emailing piracy@joehandpromotions.com

There are no rules for a cover charge. It is up to you if you would like to charge a cover or not, but you are not allowed to advertise that the event is free or no cover charge.

Once you buy the event your bar will be automatically uploaded to the Joe Hand Promotions Venue Finder and the UFC Bar Finder website within a few days. If you do not see your bar on the finder, please contact your Joe Hand Promotions representative.

The following payment options are available:

  • Credit Card: Contact your sales representative at 1-800-557-4263 or download a payment authorization form found on our JHP website. Once filled out, fax the form to JHP at 1-866-376-8117 ..
  • Electronic Business Check: Two options after you make your check payable to Joe Hand Promotions, Inc.
    1. Fax a copy to 1-866-376-8117
    2. Email a copy to customerfirst@joehandpromotions.com. Once your check is received, it will be reproduced and deposited upon receipt. There is no need to send your check through the U.S. mail once it is being processed electronically.

  • Photo Check: Take a photo of your business check or scan it and email it as an attachment.
  • PayPal:

*No Personal Checks are accepted.

    Yes, but all advertisements must be sent to your Joe Hand Promotions sales rep for approval.

    While it’s wise to order early, if you have a satellite provider, we can turn you on in minutes, even during the event. Cable systems may have earlier deadlines.

    We can send the Pay-Per-View signal to DirecTV and Dish customers as well as almost any cable provider. There are also streaming options.

    Pricing is based off of your location’s fire code occupancy. Contact a Joe Hand Promotions representative for a quote

    The UFC has two different types of fights:

    • Pay-Per-View: Numbered events that typically showcase a title fight
    • UFC Fight Night: Free-to-air events on FOX and FS1

    There are approximately 13 PPV events each calendar year.

    Upcoming Events

    SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View - Pacquiao vs. Broner
    WWE Royal Rumble
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