Marketing Hub

When you purchase a UFC commercial license, we’ll mail you 10 fight posters to hang around your location. But you also receive access to a toolkit of digital marketing resources.

The most important asset is the UFC Style Guide. This is the digital hub for each event and includes layered images for posters, fighters, logos and various artwork elements. With these files, you can create customized advertisements to use on the web, social media, or print.

A login and password unique to each event is required to access the Style Guide. Our marketing team will send this via email as soon as it’s available. If you’d like to be added to the distribution list, email us at

Other marketing resources:

  • Radio ads
  • Video promos
  • Social media cheat sheet
  • Conference calls
  • PPV Checklist
  • Bar Usage Guide
Style Guide   Instructions
UFC 217   Style Guide
UFC 217 Poster   English
UFC 217 Poster   Spanish
UFC 217   Radio Ads
UFC 217   Video Promo
UFC 218   Style Guide
UFC 218 Poster   English
UFC 218 Poster   Spanish
TUF   Team Alvarez vs. Team Gaethje
UFC Bar Usage Guide  
UFC Bar   Checklist
UFC   Facts & Figures
Photo Contest   UFC 217